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Stara Zagora Regional Development Agency (SZREDA)

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Stara Zagora Regional Development Agency


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Profile & Expertise

SZREDA works with regional governments and local stakeholders in the Stara Zagora region to support innovation and the introduction of new technologies in the regional economy. SZREDA has a great deal of experience with policies to foster SMEs competitiveness by developing municipal plans, regional strategies and mobilizing local and outside resources, as can be seen by its participation in EU funded policy-focused projects like INNOGROW (Interreg Europe). It also has a record of extensive research and survey capacities, enabling the agency to design and implement diverse & distinct economic development strategies.

Role in the project

SZREDA will contribute to most project activities.

For WP1: Project management, SZREDA will provide input to the activity leader (Monolithos) regarding the administrative and financial management, contribute to communication and dissemination tasks and also provide input for the semi-annual quality reports.

For WP2: Needs analysis and elaboration on territorial specificities of participating RIS countries, SZREDA will engage in data collection and data preparation activities in Bulgaria and conduct preliminary research on territorial specificities and needs.

For WP3: Pilot Application of the INNOCAT technology, SZREDA will

a) contribute to collecting information on the candidate fleet of HDVs in Stara Zagora,

b) support the application of the pilot retrofitting process in a vehicle in its region, and

c) convey information on PGM savings for further analysis.

Contribution to knowledge building in the region

SZREDA has the potential of mobilizing local and regional networks of stakeholders, capitalizing on its long-standing collaborations with regional government, local SMEs and other actors.

Due to its strategic positioning in local affairs, it will be able to communicate to key authorities (e.g transport authorities) the innovative dimensions of the INNOCAT technology, liaise them with private contractors and advance a synergistic approach to an innovative approach to reducing PGMs use for publicly owned fleets of HDVs and therefore to increasing the supply of sustainable public transportation and heavy-vehicle use.

Additionally, it will boost the local economy by creating a favourable framework for local uptake of the technology, thus creating the conditions for a new market for businesses in the raw materials and catalyst retrofitting sectors.